Product Quality

Hair accessories are not created equal!
Cubitas hair jewelry and accessories sparkle... and get noticed. Each product, whether edgy or traditional, blinged out or subtle are made with the highest-level attention of quality and detail.

Despite our passion for form, Cubitas will not overlook function. We expect each of our beautiful, high-quality hair accessories to perform brilliantly in your hair . . . not just hold up your hair, but hold up for years to come!

To hold up to our high standards, we select materials that are undeniably top-notch. Crystals, often Swarovski, are carefully embedded by hand to ensure they stay put under normal wear. High quality metal hinges and springs as well as resilient acrylics and plastics are other high-grade materials used in all our collections. Be assured that all hand painted accessories are completely free of lead paint. Our top priority is providing you a safe and high-quality product you will be proud to wear and enjoy.

Cubitas products are designed and manufactured in France or Korea where the industry places a higher standard on manufacturing quality than in other parts of the world. As a result, Cubitas can offer superior products which will enhance your hair jewelry collection with a distinct and unmistakable look. Copycat and lesser quality hair accessories just won't stand up to the Cubitas collections.

As a final step in quality assurance, each and every piece of hair jewelry is thoroughly inspected and carefully packaged on site at Cubitas prior to shipping.

Our business is about integrity, trust, reliability, and a commitment to superior customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on having each and every one of our interactions with our customers to reflect all of these principles.

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