Vollon Pearl on Black

Picabia Collection

Pony Tail Jewelry

Doggone charming! It's puppy love all over again with this simply delightful ponytail holder. The glossy black base is bordered with a fence of tiny little silver studs and iridescent crystals that anchor the corners. What a fitting play yard for this little romping pooch made in pearl and black tones. An iridescent Swarovski Crystal eye and twenty-two diamond-like crystals decorate the body of this doggie that is just oozing personality and charm.

A protective, thick black elastic band is attached to the hair ornament via a silver clasp. Great for all hair types—just twist the band around your hair until securely fastened. For another effect try pulling ponytail halfway back through for a mock-bun.

A whimsical and fun accessory for a casual day at the park or as a gift for your favorite dog fancier.

• High-quality polished plastic for a glossy, ceramic-finish look.
• Slightly domed black rectangular base. The base is outlined by tiny silver studs and accented with iridescent crystals on the corners.
• The design contains an iridescent crystal for the eye and is accented with additional crystals on the body.
• The elastic band is black and made of a woven material which is secured to the jewelry via a silver clasp.
• Made in Korea
• Retail: $12.50

2.125"(l) x 2.0"(w) x 0.625"(d)

Item: B11-015-KA

Price: $8.50