Valadon Golden Brown

Picabia Collection

Tony tail! The fabulous Valadon Golden Brown ponytail holder easily transforms unruly hair into a tony city-girl chic look. The perfectly round shaped base of this golden-tan colored barrette is splashed with brilliant amber Swarovski crystals. As is the dimensional, ten-petal flower—61 hand-set bronze crystals in all, including a larger iridescent jewel in the center. Tiny golden studs trim the border for an added spangle.

The underside of this ponytail holder features a black fabric covered band (similar to a scrunchie) that prevents breakage. Suits any long hair—just gather hair and twist around until securely fastened. Try tucking ponytail back under band for a simple chignon.

A ponytail holder in good taste for the office while also special enough for a night at the ballet.

• Hand-set amber Swarovski crystals and gold studs on edges of barrette and petals of flower.
• The center of the bud contains a larger jewel for emphasis.
• Ceramic finish/gloss
• Made in Korea
• Retail: $24.00

Dimensions (sans elastic holder):
2.125"(l) x 2.125"(w) x 1.0"(d)

Item: B11-011-N

Price: $20.00