Virtuose Black

Morisot Collection

Tiny light show! Turn down the lights, this petite hair pin shines like a stage light indoors and out. A slender, glossy-black base brings a sparking circle of crystals in full focus. A large center stone is surrounded by nine smaller iridescent hand-set crystals which are divided by tiny silver studs.

A useful hair pin for shorter tresses and to hold back those bangs you are trying to grow out! You might also try using multiple pins a classy embellishment to an up-do. The underside hardware features a golden post-style fastener and a row of tiny teeth to help grip ultra-fine hair.

This petite pin is just as workable in Monday meetings as in the opera balcony.

Encrusted with hand-set iridescent Swarovski crystals and tiny silver studs encircling a larger diamond-inspired jewel.
Glossy black with white pin stripe.
Made in Korea
Retail: $17.50

2.625"(l) x 0.625"(w) x 0.50"(d)

Item: B15-004-K

Price: $13.50