Merle Rouge

Avignon Collection

Dazzling duo! Head will turn as you sparkle your way through any crowd with this delightful pair of interlocking combs. Each of these scarlett-red combs features five prongs that are glittering with more than 70 pave-set iridescent crystals. Many more tiny silvery studs are scattered about to capture and reflect even more light.

Meant to be worn together, the gently-curved teeth of these combs comfortably grips your hair and "lock" together to hold a glamorous French twist. Works best with medium-thickness hair.

A real show stopper... whether walking down the red carpet or running errands downtown.

Made in France
Covered with hand-set Swarovski crystals, including tiny silver studs for added detail.
High-quality durable acrylic.
Retail: $49.50

2.5"(l) x 2.375"(w) x 1.125"(d)

Item: B08-002-RC

Price: $37.00