Bellini Collection

Hair Clips

Check mate! This light-purple hair clip mimics a chess board with its alternating squares of either single large jewels or a collection of smaller crystals and tiny golden studs. Across the board, there are nearly 100 lavender and iridescent Swarovski crystals and 13 larger stones that everyone will check out!

Amply curved, the Sillon hair clip has golden hardware able to hold back a bounty of thick or curly hair. Two rows of underside teeth to help it stay put in finer hair. This hair jewel will hold a sophisticated, low-slung ponytail as well as be the crowning-glory in an updo.

Fit for a Queen, but oh so regal for the rest of us. A perfect present.

Patented Design
Lavender and iridescent Swarovski crystals.
High-quality polished acrylic for a glossy, ceramic-finish look.
Band: Light purple with checkered layout of circular raised pattern. Bordered by gold outlines.
Clip: Gold plastic clip with comb inset.
Made in Korea
Retail: $54.00

2.25"(l) x 1.375"(w) x 1.375"(d)

Item: B17-003-P

Price: $42.00