Romarin Black

Boulanger Collection

Take wing! Make a fashion migration with the Romarin Black clip perched in your hair. Black and silvery-grey leaves form the base for the similarly toned butterfly and shadow cut-out. Delicately encrusted with no less than 70 iridescent crystals and many more tiny silver studs scattered about to capture and reflect light.

The underside hardware features a long, slender French clip designed to hold fine to medium hair en masse at the base of the neck or in an updo. Thicker tresses can pull back a single portion of hair for a modern look. Actually holds more hair than you would think!

A beautiful way to transform an ordinary hair day into an extraordinary hair day.

Made in Korea with parts from France.
Delicately encrusted with iridescent Swarovski crystals and many more tiny silver studs scattered about.
High-quality polished acrylic for a glossy, ceramic-finish look.
Retail: $29.00

4.625"(l) x 1.75"(w) x 1.125"(d)

Item: B18-009-K

Price: $22.00