Melodique Amber

Bellini Collection

Sparkles Fly. Wearing one, two, three butterflies in your hair, you’ll fly off with all the style. Our ginger hued Melodique Amber transforms any day into the extraordinary thanks to nearly one hundred crystals and golden speckles twinkling as a trio of flutterers ready to take off.

Perfectly sized to handle almost every hairstyle, our butterfly-inspired barrette stays in place morning through midnight thanks to a classic silver-tone French clip on the underside. Sweet yet sophisticated, sure to delight as a special gift for any lady on your list.

• Made in Korea with parts from France.
• Covered in iridescent hand-set Swarovski crystals, including tiny silver studs for added detail.
• High-quality polished acrylic for a glossy ginger finish.
• Retail: $35.00

4"(l) x 1.5"(w) x 1"(d)

Item: C09-025-NC

Price: $28.00