Lierre Ginger Ivory

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Hair Clips

Lily light! Enjoy the pure sparkling reflection from stem to petal on this lily-inspired hair clip. A gently, curving S-shape of the pale smoky-brown hair clip hosts a pair of intertwined flowers, one pale smoky-brown and the other a luminous white with warm undertones. Eleven hand-set iridescent and smoky Swarovski crystals, flanked by tiny golden studs, add sparkle with every move.

The underside hardware features a long, slender French clip designed to hold fine to medium hair en masse at the base of the neck or in an updo. Thicker tresses can pull back a single portion of hair for a modern look. Actually holds more hair than you would think!

A beautiful clip to make a lasting impression on your honeymoon or other special occasion.

Made in Korea with parts from France.
The flowers are in topaz with yellow Swarovski crystals and light topaz with iridescent crystals at tips of petals.
High-quality polished acrylic for a glossy, ceramic-finish look.
Retail: $25.00

4.375"(l) x 1.0"(w) x 1.375"(d)

Item: B19-004-N

Price: $19.50