Eternelle Pink

Bellini Collection

French Connection.

How beautiful both dark and pale tresses will look through the delicate and open styling of our Eternelle Pink hair clip, reminiscent of a multi-faceted Parisian adventure centuries ago. Dozens and dozens of delicate pink and iridescent hand-set Swarovski Crystals will shimmer like airy bubbles rising to the top of your Champaign glass.

Fashioned on the larger side and able to hold even the most lush locks, the design adds weight to the overall wispy, open feel. A classic French clip on the underside will keep even the most elaborate updo in perfect shape from the reception line through the very last waltz.

As a gift, this beautiful barrette makes a romantic treasure she’ll treasure always.

• Made in Korea with parts from France.
• Covered in iridescent hand-set Swarovski crystals, including tiny silver studs for added detail.
• High-quality polished acrylic for a pearl-like finish.
• Retail: $48.00

3.75"(l) x 1.875"(w) x 1"(d)

Item: C09-022-II

Price: $42.00