Contraire Crystal Mint

Duchamp Collection

Pastel Princess. Slip on this perfect-for-a-princess crystal headband and take reign over your youthful attitude and playful personality--all while holding back your hair in style! More than 350 pale green and iridescent Swarovski crystals plus many more tiny silver studs will sparkle in your hair like a jewel-encrusted tiara.

You will find this pale mint headband fits comfortably behind the ears and holds even fine hair in place with two hidden rows of tiny teeth on the underside.

A positively regal choice for pageants, dance recitals or just hanging about your castle.

Made in France
Covered with more than 350 hand-set Swarovski crystals
Includes tiny silver studs for added detail
High quality durable acrylic
Retail: $135.00

Item: C01-003-BNC

Price: $92.00