Veronique White

Bellini Collection

Claw Clips

Petal to the metal! This fun and flowery glossy-white claw clip will vanish your bad hair day—and bad mood—with dazzling speed. Ten free-spirited little flowers flourished with 150 multi-sized, iridescent Swarovski crystals will put a smile on your face and a sparkle in your ‘do.

With 14 interlocking golden teeth, the Veronique White claw clip is able to quickly secure fine to medium hair into a twist. The rounded teeth and curved contour of jaw provide comfortable solution for holding back all or part of your hair.

So clip your hair up, put the top down and cruise through town—or gift a friend in need!

• Each flower contains a larger hand-set iridescent Swarovski crystal in the center with smaller crystals on the petals, including tiny silver studs for added detail.
• Black outlined floral design.
• Ceramic finish/gloss
• Made in Korea
• Retail: $57.00

3.875"(l) x 1.875"(w) x 1.625"(d)

Item: B13-003-W

Price: $45.00