Rixens Golden Velvet

Avignon Collection

Rib dibs! Having a hair emergency and need cure to keep your hair up... and stat? If so, call dibs on this uniquely styled eggplant-purple rib clip. Almost 175 golden-amber crystals are scattered up and down the alternating ribs of this sparkling design. Many more tiny golden studs are scattered throughout to capture and reflect even more light.

With eight closely interlocking teeth, this claw clip ensures that fine to medium hair can be kept in a pretty twist or pulled back gently at the nape. For fuller hair, sweep up swags of hair off the face and fasten on sides or back of head.

This rib clip is a perfect cure for anyone with hair needing critical care. A quick fix whether catching your favorite episode of "Grey's Anatomy" or actually working all night in the E.R.

Made in France
Patented Design
Covered with carefully hand-set Swarovski crystals and tiny gold studs for added detail.
High quality durable acrylic.
Retail: $79.00

1.875"(l) x 2.125"(w) x 1.625"(d)

Item: B02-004-PG

Price: $49.00