Jeune Topaz

Duchamp Collection

Knot expected!

Add a twist of shimmer and glimmer to your next hair do with Jeune Topaz sitting aloft in your locks. Surprisingly wearable for both everyday hair-dos and elegant evening coifs, this women’s hair accessory will take you from standing in the grocery store line to a red-carpet reception line.

More than 100 sparkling hand-set Swarovski Crystals in clear and pale gold embellish a golden “ribbon” atop this frosty, pale claw clip. Sixteen interlocking teeth provide a secure grip, ensuring every hair stays in perfect place.

• Covered in iridescent hand-set Swarovski crystals, including tiny golden studs for added detail
• High-quality polished acetate for a glossy, ceramic-finish look
• Made in France
• Retail: $97.00

3.625"(l) x 2"(w) x 1.625"(d)

Item: C36-001-GC

Price: $78.00