Fernand Rose Garden

Avignon Collection

Sparks flying! This glittering clip explodes with sparkle in your hair like a firework explosion on the Fourth of July! Nearly 300 rose garden inspired crystals in pink and leaf green hues are scattered along the sides, top and teeth of this translucent brown clip. Many more tiny golden studs fill every nook and cranny to boost the sparkle power under the lights—inside or out.

The fourteen spaced and interlocking teeth hold up a surprising amount of hair in a carefree twist; or pull up tendrils from the sides and secure in the back for a spectacular style. Works well for those with a medium volume of hair.

So sizzle all season long with this burst of sparkle in your hair... whether strolling downtown or walking through a rose garden. Details
• Made in France
• Covered with hand-set Swarovski crystals, including tiny gold studs for added detail.
• High-quality durable acrylic.
• Retail: $99.00

3.25"(l) x 1.625"(w) x 1.875"(d)

Item: B05-011-NM

Price: $69.00