Cordier Golden Amber

Duchamp Collection

Flash forward. Add audacious sparkle to your locks in a hurry with this snazzy little claw clip. A dangerously dazzling display of more than 250 golden-amber Swarovski crystals are all carefully hand-set into a semi-translucent golden-tan finish. Many tiny golden studs are scattered about to flash light forward, backward. . . and all about.

The fourteen interlocking teeth on this smaller clip will hold back a portion of hair away from your face or on the back of your head. Use multiple clips to add extra pizzazz!

The Cordier Golden Amber claw clip is a great solution for fixing your hair in a flash for cocktails after work or even a formal wedding reception.

Made in France
Covered with over 250 iridescent hand-set Swarovski Crystals, including tiny gold studs for added detail.
High-quality durable acrylic.
Retail: $79.00

2.25"(l) x 1.125"(w) x 1.125"(d)

Item: B02-008-NCN

Price: $54.00