Bazille Crystal Pearl

Duchamp Collection

Limelight! Step into the limelight with the intense illumination of this attention-grabbing claw clip. Over 500 iridescent Swarovski crystals are hand set into every visible outward surface of this versatile hair ornament. Many more tiny silver studs are scattered about to capture and reflect light. With lustrous pearl finish, this ample clip will complement a range of pastel ensembles.

This large claw clip features 16 widely set, interlocking prongs that allow room for thick or curly hair. Day or night, this clip will not let you down.

A spectacular show of lights for the next time you are in the public eye—at the theatre or maybe ladies-night-out!

• Made in France
• Covered in iridescent hand-set Swarovski crystals, including tiny silver studs for added detail.
• High-quality durable acrylic.
• Retail: $135.00

3.75"(l) x 1.375"(w) x 2"(d)

Item: B04-004-AC

Price: $105.00