Espoir White

Morisot Collection

Love That! Fall in love with our Espoir White, a whimsical and romantic barrette for any-day, every-day, how-about-today wear. Sparkling, sweet and coquettishly chic; sure to become the newest object of your affection.

Your style won’t miss a blinged-out beat thanks to the 20 hand-set clear, gray and black Swarovski Crystals punctuating the perimeter of this black barrette. A large white heart with a diamond-like center along with a white stripe finishes up the fun. Underneath, a mid-size French clip provides a secure clasp for almost every type hair.

• Ornament: Black heart-shaped with white pin-stripe border, Swarovski crystal encrusted border
• Tri colored—20 clear, gray and black crystals
• Band: High-quality polished plastic for a glossy, ceramic-finish look. Piano black, white pin-stripe border, rounded edges.
• Made in Korea
• Retail: $21.50

3.625"(l) x 1.25"(w) x 1"(d)

Item: C19-006-WC

Price: $17.50