Douceur Rouge

Boulanger Collection

Take Paws! You heart will skip a beat as you fall in puppy love with our Douceur Rouge, an adorable addition to any dog lover’s hair-do. Fifty diamond-like crystals surround this charming barrette that shows off the white silhouette on a red background of one of the world’s favorite terriers – the Scottie! A dog so cute, he’s even wearing his own pearly collar.

A glossy black barrette, slightly contoured to the nape, clasps with a long silver-tone French clip that will keep your hair looking lovely however you prefer to fix it from side swept sexy to pony tail practical. Make a dog lover’s day with this purrr-fectly posh gift!

• Made in Korea with parts from France.
• The almost 50 diamond-like imported Austrian crystals that encircle the red background.
• High-quality polished acrylic for a glossy black finish.
• Retail: $16.50

4.5"(l) x 1.75"(w) x 0.875"(d)

Item: C13-003-RC

Price: $13.50