Charme Blanche

Boulanger Collection

Winged whimsy! Playful and pretty, let our Charme Blanche hair barrette land in your locks and make a statement of fluttering flair. Bring grace and good taste to any hairstyle you choose, from an upswept chignon to a perky ponytail.

A glossy black barrette, designed to subtly contour to your head, stays securely fastened thanks to a slender French clip clasp. The black winged butterfly sparkles with crystal accents and even more of these diamond-like dazzlers encircle the white background. Transform Mother’s Day, a birthday or any special event with this beautiful barrette.

• Made in Korea with parts from France.
• The almost 50 diamond-like imported Austrian crystals that encircle the white background.
• High-quality polished acrylic for a glossy black finish.
• Retail: $16.50

4.5"(l) x 1.75"(w) x 0.875"(d)

Item: C13-005-WC

Price: $13.50