Agave Noire

Morisot Collection

Be-leaf! Agave Noire clip will be your trusty little trick to looking great; amazing what a little touch of nature can do for your tresses! Petite in proportion yet still a looker, the perfect size for pulling back a tendril or two of hair off your face.

Two leaves, in black and white, sit atop a white vine on a black base; sparkly clear crystals and tiny silver studs sparkle like real dew drops. On the underside, a classic wire barrette backing clasps shut against little gripper teeth to ensure every hair stays in place.

Covered in iridescent hand-set imported Austrian Crystals, including tiny gold studs for added detail.
High-quality polished plastic for a glossy, ceramic-finish look.
Made in Korea
Retail: $17.50

2.675"(l) x 0.75"(w) x 0.675"(d)

Item: C20-017-KC

Price: $13.50